Kuciniches: Nuclear in 'Hot Water'

“Hot Water” is a new documentary about uranium mining and the nuclear industry, which has its world premiere tonight at Washington D.C.’s Environmental Film Festival. The film follows filmmaker Liz Rogers’s journey around the United States as she explores the environmental impact of nuclear waste and mining. Elizabeth Kucinich is an executive producer of the documentary and her husband, former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, has lent his support to the film as well.

“‘Hot Water’ is an important film because it takes people through what is really the initial stage of that fuel cycle, the mining of uranium and the poisoning of water supplies,” Dennis Kucinich told POLITICO. “This industry has too much influence. The industry is all about profits. They’re not about public safety. And, so, I think this film is important to get people thinking about the broader issues of nuclear power.”

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