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For local groups, please contact and support the following organization who assisted us in bringing this story to the world:

Wise Uranium Project

The WISE URANIUM PROJECT is the go-to site for everything you want to know about Uranium mining. I give huge amounts of credit to WUP for being able to keep up with the changes in the landscape of mining uranium and the extraordinary amount of information that is on this site. It’s a plain text site, but in this case the beauty goes very deep.


Health Physics Society

Although a little pro-nuke for my taste, The HEALTH PHYSICS SOCIETY has a terrific resource in their Radiation Basics page. This page explains in plain, understandable English the aspects of radiation and radiation exposure that everyone should understand.


Their FACT SHEETS page gives terrific and concise information on many elements including Uranium that are a worthwhile read:


The EPA’s publication on Radionuclides in Drinking Water is another good source of information. Note that the EPA has a goal of ZERO radionuclides in drinking water, but has set minimum levels over which action is supposed to be taken. As of 2013, the acceptable level for Alpha radiation in drinking water is 15 picocuries per litre. There is some discussion at the government level of raising the acceptable level to 30 picocuries per litre in the event of a nuclear disaster, although the goal would remain at zero. Zero is good. Anything above that is not so good.