Elizabeth Kucinich is a champion for the environment, and for human and animal rights. She has a long history of activism on behalf of the people and the planet. For years she has spoken out about the dangers and environmental impact of nuclear power.

As a national figure, Elizabeth has spoken out to make nuclear power and nuclear weapons a key issue in elections, and worked with her husband, Dennis Kucinich, to protect the people of Northern Ohio from the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant. Together, they forced the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to keep a close eye on Davis-Besse, a power plant which has been called the most dangerous plant in America. Elizabeth produced this film in order to continue her efforts to educate the world about the dangers of nuclear power.

Elizabeth, a native of England, traveled to India as a young adult to work in one of Mother Teresa’s children’s homes. She then worked to promote rural development in Tanzania. She came to the United States in 2005 to organize the American Monetary Institute’s first international conference on monetary reform. Elizabeth later served as a Congressional Liaison for the 63rd President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Elizabeth is the Director of Government Affairs for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, promoting prevention over cure, nutrition over drugs, and humanrelevant research and training over the use of animals.

Elizabeth chairs the board of the Hestia Gaea Foundation and serves as a board director of several other notable organizations including Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief organization, J/P HRO, the Rodale Institute, supporting organic agriculture research and advocacy; and a fledgling company producing GardenBar™, the first range of savory vegan food bars.

Elizabeth is the Executive Producer of “GMO/OMG,” a documentary exploring genetic engineering in agriculture and food production (www.GMOfilm.com), which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February 2013.

Elizabeth lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, Dennis Kucinich, a former U.S. Congressman and two-time U.S. Presidential candidate. They share their home and garden with three rescue dogs, Harry, Lucie and George; Falcon the cat and a hive of bees they lovingly refer to as their girls.