According to Liz, a thirty year career in the entertainment industry was just the first step toward her ultimate goal – that of being a documentary filmmaker. Telling real stories are her passion. “Hot Water” is the third of Liz’s documentaries, following the multiple award winning films, “On Sacred Ground” and “Catching Dreams.“

Liz is a fearless activist and grandmother who loves taking on polluters and those who threaten the health of the babies she loves. She's known for climbing fences and filming toxic waste polluters wherever she may find them, most recently calling out the nuclear and uranium industry for contaminating our water supply.

Determined to make a difference, Liz has dedicated her life to her work with groups and companies whose focus is on environment, education and health. She is currently on the board of The Hestia Gaea Foundation whose mission is to support educators in health, nutrition and the environment. She is also on the board of GardenChef Paul Company, whose founder Paul Wenner invented the Gardenburger and has worked with Paul on the development of the GardenBar™ since its beginning and is currently editing and designing his latest book release, titled “The Power of our Forks.”