A film school graduate from California State University, Long Beach in 1988, Kevin dreamed of becoming a filmmaker since he saw Star Wars as a child. It wasn’t until 2001 that Kevin found the story that would become his first feature film. When Kevin’s identical twin brother decided to quit his banking career to run away and join the circus, Kevin’s next film project was born.

When his brother saw a performance of “O” in Las Vegas, his life changed, and he decided to pursue a new career as a professional trapeze artist with the most elite circus in the world, Cirque du Soleil. Kevin and his camera joined him on that journey, and eight years later after traveling the globe, the result was the multiple award winning documentary, “Catching Dreams.”

Starting his own production company in 2008, Kevin has been the Director of Photography on numerous projects, including the feature film ‘The Ridley Project,’ which he shot and directed on location in Costa Rica. He lensed the award winning feature documentary ‘On Sacred Ground’, the story of Native Americans continued struggle to preserve sacred sites in South Dakota, along with the indie homeless drama ‘Wake-up Call’.

Kevin was the Cinematographer on the new and wildly popular film ‘Craigslist Joe’ which tells the inspirational story of a young man who decides to survive for thirty days relying on only what he can get from Craigslist.

More recently, Kevin accepted a position with Rogers Entertainment Group to head up their documentary division, directing and shooting the documentary feature, ‘HOT WATER’. Kevin says “My job on HOT WATER was to capture the stories of the people who have been impacted by all of this toxic waste, while capturing Liz’s experience as the storyteller. The interviews that we filmed were the most emotional and compelling stories I’ve ever heard, and they changed my life, and my perception of who we are as a country. Seeing the millions of tons of toxic waste sitting in the middle of the water supply for 38 million people in the southwestern United States was disturbing beyond words. I live in that area and had no idea that my water could be contaminated like that”.